Who We Are

Clexidra is a company operating all across the country; we conduct outdoor advertising audit services intended for businesses that are looking to verify the usefulness of their marketing campaigns.

Our goal is to enhance awareness within the promotional activity performed by advertising agencies; whether it is door-to-door leaflet delivery, catalog handing or billboard signs installation program –when it comes to large investment amounts companies want to make sure each part of the plan (the quantities of printed materials, targeted sectors, banner size and visibility) is being executed professionally and without faults. Coordinated by an experienced staff executive, a team of inspectors performs organized monitoring on every detail of the ad distribution process throughout the national territory.

Our customers – who are they?

We cater to small, medium and large retail businesses, restaurant chains and service companies. Our monitoring schemes are applicable to any organization whose owners expose their products to the audience through leaflets, brochures, catalogs, LED signs and so on. Whether you run a start-up firm, own a self-service company or manage a multi-national brand – the offered audit services and the inspection procedures are tailored to suit the individual requirements of each program.

External verification of advertising campaigns

Clexidra gives you the solution you need to evaluate the efficiency of the marketing agency and its compliance with the contract agreement. Upon request, we analyze and check the movement of inventory within the warehouse, including packaging and material storage conditions.

As a matter of principle we do not intervene in the advertising business as promotional material distributors: we do not install billboards, print flyers or deliver brochures and catalogs. The focus lays on controlling, observing and reporting the activities of operating agencies.

The benefits of independent control

We believe that our customers will benefit much more from independent monitoring:
By performing autonomous checkups we guarantee unbiased reports, regardless of the agency you choose to work with; companies that act both as distributors and controllers may misjudge their competitors intentionally. Since Clexidra does not take part in the delivering activity, there is no personal interest on our side. Being external controllers makes the judgment purely objective.


Our mission is to provide a reliable and synchronized quality control of promotional material distribution performed by an advertising company. Analyzing the process in real-time is the ultimate way to keep track on your marketing investment.

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