Advertising material left outside letter boxes

Retailer commodity stores, fashion brands or supermarkets that target the surrounding neighborhoods want to make sure each leaflet they print reaches its potential customer. Our job is to verify that all materials are brought to their assigned destination and are not wasted, lost or damaged on the way. With attention to detail and scrupulous attitude our monitoring is organized in a widespread manner, covering every planned area and district.
Depending on the customer’s needs and requests our controllers fill a subsequent form with all necessary information regarding the material placement and the quantities distributed on a particular day or by the end of the entire operation.

Daily supervision and reporting



Improper placement of leaflets cause waste in your campaign

The inspection is based on a systematic tracking scheme covering every point in the agreement step-by-step. First, we verify all copies have been delivered to a warehouse in time and the number of copies corresponds with the initially planned quantities. Then our representatives find themselves in scheduled areas on a daily basis assessing the effectiveness of the distributions in progress.
By keeping on the destined track we are able confirm the materials are handed as per the routes agreed between the client and the advertising agency. Another important issue is making sure that all leaflets and catalogs have been handed-out during the allocated time.
Long-term marketing campaigns: retrospective monitoring
Various promotional activities require different controlling approaches. Large-scale commercial distribution across the country is often running in the long-term: it may take up to several weeks or even months to accomplish. Provided by the final date of the campaign when all the loads have supposedly been carried out to the target audience, we use ex-post monitoring tactics: our audits are sent on-site to collect information by questioning the local population in the associated areas.

Triple-checking every detail

Our goal is to address all possible concerns that determine the outcome of a promotional campaign. Whereas some cases are very straightforward (prompt delivery, matching quantities etc.), others may come as a surprise. Dealing with paper copies brings up issues such as protection against fire or weather conditions. Given catalogs that are dropped into mailboxes along with unauthorized materials, brochures left under signs prohibiting advertising activity – these are a few examples of malpractice that might diminish the value of the marketing operation; our services include a close follow-up on these matters as well as performing checkups of the printing quality and typo errors.

Launching a mass leaflet distribution campaign is a complex process – from the moment the material had been brought into the warehouse and until it has been successfully delivered into mailboxes or other assigned destinations. By that time our customers know what percentage of their promotional copies had reached the target and what errors have been made on the way. .


A whole catalogue campaign sent to pulping due to bad handling of distribution company





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