Clexidra audits your outdoor advertising campaign to achieve the best performance.


Placing ads on large digital or static billboards in the UK is a widely accepted way of business promotion these days. However, key factors such as panel size or ad lighting determine the success an outdoor marketing campaign – this is where independent control services of installation and display can help avoid costly mistakes. Also it is not uncommon that part of a promotional campaign is not displayed correctly  due to company negligence or simple human errors. Clexidra makes sure that you achieve the maximum exposure from your outdoor advertising campaign by carefully auditing each of yours banner, billboard, or outdoor display.

As a 3rd party audit company we scrutinize billboard ads, banners and posters – including neon ads, LED panels and stationery posters ordered by our clients from an advertising agency. Our UK nation-based team of inspectors and field specialists conducts timely checkups tracking each and every advertisement for its presence and optimal exposure.

We cover main issues such as:

Verification of Proper Ad Installation – Lighting, Display, Size

When it comes to LED or static billboards, it is crucial for the ad to be seen as clear and straightforward as possible. We provide clients with a full-scale report of any errors considering visibility (low brightness, trembling lights etc.) and consistency of the ad appearance – for example, postings might be installed on a fewer amount of boards than initially agreed, or some ads might be partly or fully removed ahead of time. The scanning includes plant measurement to verify that it corresponds with the size decided between the client and the advertising company.

Monitoring Promotional Signs – Arrow Directions

Throughout our service we also offer an independent billboard monitoring, dealing with effective promotional sings. Should an ad contain special features such as pointing arrows, for example, we diagnose the coherence between the displayed arrows and the given directions.

Detection and Report of Illegal or Poorly Visible Billboards

Ad efficiency drops substantially when positioned on a poorly visible board obscured by greenery or a construction. Boards placed in illegal locations, is another issue of concern. Part of our job is to recognize and inform clients of unlawful panels their ads are being placed on, or boards concealed with vegetation.

Our Mission in Great Britain.

Based on the criteria above we address faults regarding the plant size, its operative condition, appropriate lighting and location in terms of legality and viewing quality. With our service being available throughout the country, we are able to audit the efficiency of various systems such as lighted clocks, screens, thermometers, etc. and of boards covered by vegetation.
Eventually, our goal is to inspect that the ads, postings and banners are installed in the time and manner required and that the advertising campaign is being executed as planned.


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