Inventory Audits and warehouse storage checks.


Advertising catalogues and brochures are stored correctly indoors.

Was the promotional material that you had ordered to be sent to a warehouse delivered on time?
Did the new ordered items arrive properly packaged and in good condition?


Inventory management is a continual, multi-staged process, which requires awareness and responsibility at every phase – from initial packaging to safe and timely delivery. For firms with large quantities of goods, spotting potential errors might be a challenging task. For smaller and medium businesses, maintaining professional merchandise control is vital for the company’s presence. Therefore, any trading or manufacturing organization benefits from working with a reliable third party stock audit.
Our specialization consists of independent monitoring services that cover essential aspects of inventory-related procedures. That includes tracking and reporting details associated with storage conditions, packaging quality and reliable delivery.

Tracking and monitoring inventory in transit


Inventory movements are checked and examined by the field inspection team on an ongoing basis. We scrutinize and report whether the stock had been delivered on time, whether the material is intact, packed regularly and without defects. The report includes verification of product type and quantity, confirming that the merchandize is corresponding to the information appearing in transportation documents.

Verifying preservation and storage of goods in real-time


Some products require special storage conditions. Throughout our audit service we prove that merchandise is kept appropriately considering factors like room space, temperature, humidity level etc.
Proper packaging is another vital issue regardless of the current activity: whether it is ordering new machinery or re-allocating existing one from one place to another. Keeping inventory in a warehouse requires proper packaging as well, in order to retain the product’s value.

Preventative methods – enhancing awareness and security


Materials that are shifted, transported and relocated are always prone to damage due to human errors and inaccuracy. Even if the product is left outside for only a few hours its quality might deteriorate irrevocably. Time and money can be saved when the merchandise real-time status is known. This is particularly relevant to small-medium businesses where loss of goods can bring the company to a point of no return. The inventory audit procedure includes tracking potential hazardous situations and reporting them to the clients.

Regardless of the company size, type or position in the chain supply, inventory has always been part of the picture. Item stock management requires time and professional approach; working with independent inspectors is a reliable way to keep an eye on the firm’s inventory status at any given moment.


Poorly stored leaflets and flyers are deteriorating due to weather.



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