FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your field of expertise? What services do you offer exactly?

A: We provide two kinds of services: billboards signs monitoring and promotional material distribution audit. With billboards installation, our team makes sure the program is being compliant to the initially agreed guidelines including the size, the location and other metrics of ad visibility and effectiveness.
When it comes to promotional material distribution audit our services include inspecting the quality and accuracy of the advertising agency performance and evaluation of the delivery competence. Inspectors conduct real-time and ex-post checks making sure all promotional materials reach the mailboxes correctly and are not dropped on the way or misplaced.

Q: Who are your customers?

A: Our customers are well-known brands and large service companies who perform major outdoor promotional campaigns; most of the advertising material distribution programs and billboard installation plans we work with involve big retail players.

Q: In what areas do you operate? Are there any geographical limitations?

A: We operate all throughout the UK and in Italy. There are no geographical limitations; our control checks are provided in any area upon our customer agreement.

Q: Who are the people in your inspection team?

A: Our team consists of several qualified inspectors who have undergone a professional training before being sent on-site. Our auditors are coordinated by a highly knowledgeable management with extensive background and experience.

Q: Are you taking part in the distribution process as well?

A: No, we never take part in the promotional materials distribution activity. Our goal is to provide independent monitoring of advertising agencies, and therefore we distinctively do not intervene in the delivery work. To preserve highest objectivity, we remain side observers thus eliminating the slightest possibility of personal interest on our side: the positive or the negative ratings reported to our customers remain purely unbiased.

Q: How reliable is your report? What technologies do you use to monitor the potential errors?

A: Our report is highly reliable as it is based on objective data collected by inspectors who follow the same criteria and guidelines.
The reports are based on the initial requirements stated in the agreement between our customer and the advertising agency. Every point of the contract is being tracked manually and put down in a form which can be customized according to the customer’s individual requirements.
For mapping and geo-data analysis we use digital and mobile apps thus providing more detailed and faster results. Our inspectors always use cameras to document wrongly placed materials (outside of the mailbox, dropped on the ground etc.); these images are usually attached to the report.

Q: Is there any minimum request of leaflet quantities you require?

A: No, our audit checks are effective with any quantities, as per the initial customer agreement.

Q: Do you contact the advertising agency during the monitoring process?

Depending on the agreement with the customer we may or may not contact the advertising agency during the monitoring process; in some cases the customer may wish to keep the name of the agency undisclosed, while in other cases we maintain the entire verification process: obtaining the daily programs, picking up control areas, providing feedback and registering anomalies. The level of exposure between us and the advertising agency is discussed prior to the beginning of the distribution campaign.

Q: Can you recommend an advertising agency?

A: No, we never do that. To guarantee unbiased ratings of other companies’ services we strongly avoid recommending advertising agencies to our customers.

Q: How often will I get a report from you on the current status of my campaign?

A: It depends on our agreement and on the type of the campaign. Some operations can be tracked day-by-day – in that case you will be sent a report by the end of each day unless you choose to receive weekly/monthly reports or a single concluding report by the end of the campaign.
In case the distribution agency only provides the final date of accomplishment without day-by-day itineraries, we can also conduct a post-factum monitoring based on checking and interviewing the local population who were the target audience. In this case, you will receive a complete report based on the collected information by the end of the marketing operation. Upon request, all the anomalies and critical cases can be reported in real time or within 24 hours so that the distribution agency will be able to view our statements and respond by correcting the negative situations.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept bank wire transfers and PayPal.

Q: OK, that sounds good to me. How can I get a quote?

A: Send us a message (info@clexidra.com), or fill our contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you.

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